Team building

Our trainings on whitewater are considered as innovative, the participants discover their own and their team’s power, the confidence in themselves and after all the overcome difficulties their team’s spirit grows. Team building is not only a one-weekend event for a company but also an important step in the process where the team leading is fundamental towards different aims.

Our team building programs help the team become one efficient unit within easy limits. Besides experiences, professionalism also plays an active role in our programs.

Adventurous weekend for companies in Osttirol

Good atmosphere, unforgettable experience, relaxation and improving the loyalty to the company.

After a long year some relaxing sporty programs could really help the tired team. The annually organized family days, parties for companies with free time activities or with sport events have more results on the employees than a simple experience. The relationships within the company become refreshed, extra motivations appear, the loyalty to the company increases, because it becomes clear that the team really counts, and the personal relationships are the basis for everything.


2. One day  Expedition

This trip speaks for itself, it is a trip on the white water in expedition-like circumstances. During the day we’ll have several situations where the team can try out their efficiency in collective work; experience the consequences of their decisions in real situations. The team will be supported by well-trained and experienced guides. River lunch and extra foods is included


3. Rescue

For the efficient work of rescuing teams (even in land, air, water) requires well-prepared,
cooperating teams. Just think about the works of firemans, or the action of the Coast Guards.

The work of the life-saving teams on whitewater requires the same level of preparing.

During our training the team has several situations where they can try out their efficiency in the collective work, experiencing the consequences of their decisions in ‘real’ situations.